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Sailors collection

  • Capitan Chanquete 1
    Capitan Chanquete 1

    Capitán Chanquete


    This model represents a myth of marine life in the Iberian peninsula. Chaquete is that capitan - fisherman that every lover of the sea dreams of being once. It is a sociological phenomenon for all the Spaniards who lived from the couch of their home the coastal world.

    No nos moveran
  • Faro de Lastres 1
    Faro de Lastres 1

    Faro de Lastres


    The Lighthouse of Lastres model represents the teaching of a sea village. The beauty of its landscapes, the attitude of its people and the reference of a lighthouse that guides the sailors and helps them to reach a good port when the strength of the storms becomes present.

    The lighthouse protects you from the storm
  • Temporal Galerna 1
    Temporal Galerna 1

    Temporal Galerna


    This model could not be missed in the collection of sailor socks. Galerna is a storm that occurs in the north of Spain, in the Cantabrian Sea and radically changes the landscape, with a strong wind that transforms the colors of the sky and stirs the sea.

    Galerna shakes people's lives
  • Playa de la Concha 1
    Playa de la Concha 1

    Playa de la Concha


    This model honors the most beautiful beach in Europe. With a symbol as important as the shell, we want to represent the sensation of walking along the beach "Paseo de la Concha"; One of the privileged places where the "Camino de Santiago" passes and shares symbol with our model.

    There is no road, the road is made throught the walk
  • Puerto Nyhavn 1
    Puerto Nyhavn 1

    Puerto Nyhavn


    This model represents the spectacular and wonderful port Nyhavn of Copenhagen, a port that mixes modernity and tradition and wiht an anchor momumento, which was created in honor of the 2,000 Danish sailors who lost their lives during World War II.

    Move your feet to a port with history

Travelers collection

  • NY azul
    NY rojo

    New York


    The Galerna NY socks convey the essence of the Big Apple. The ideal model to walk the streets of any city in the world.

    NY socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can feel elegant and enjoy your days.

    Take care of small details!

    Get these socks in red or purple.

  • Roma azul
    Roma verde



    The Galerna ROMA socks are the perfect model for your day to day. A nice desigm that breathes the elegance and fun of the Eternal City. 

    ROMA socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can show your personality in your daily routine.

    Divertiti e fa´il bravo! 

    Get these socks in marine blue or green.

  • Cartagena mostaza
    Cartagena granate

    Cartagena de Indias


    The Galerna CARTAGENA socks are the perfect model to have a caribbean flair in your feet without leaving your day to day.

    CARTAGENA socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can dress them with any kind of clothes and shoes. 

    Pásalo bacano!

    Get these socks in mustard or garnet.

  • Londres rojo
    Londres gris



    The Galerna LONDON socks have a british style to dress in formal or informal way. Tradition and fun merge to move you to the daily adventure of the UK capital.

    LONDON socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can dress them with your favorite clothes.

    Welcome to the City!

    Get these socks in fuchsia or grey.

  • Sevilla verde
    Sevilla rosa


    The Galerna SEVILLA socks are made to enjoy the air and art of the south of Spain wherever you are. SEVILLA socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can fill your special moments of color and happiness. Empieza el relio! Get these socks in green or pink.
  • Oviedo verde 1
    Oviedo azul 1



    The Galerna OVIEDO socks are made to enjoy the spirit of the north of Spain. This model represent the elegance of the capital of Asturias.

    OVIEDO socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability. Enjoy your days with your friends and some "sidras" in the natural paradise, called Asturias.

    ¡Como presta el norte!

    Get these socks in blue or blue navy. 

  • Tenerife celeste
    Tenerife amarillo



    The Galerna TENERIFE socks are the perfect model to move your mind to the Canary Island.

    The attitude begin in your feet and even though you are on any type of asphalt  your feet are always touching the sand.

    TENERIFE socks combines a cool style with comfort and durability, so you can use them with all your clothes and shoes.

    Déjate ver!

    Get these socks in blue or yelow.


Special Packs

What do our socks offer?


The socks sold by Galerna are cotton made with high quality.


The socks sold by Galerna are unique and incredibly original.


Manufactured using 170-needle knitting machines and the softest combed cotton.


The result is an exceptionally comfortable and durable pair of socks.


Our special packaging can be re-utilized, creating an exceptional experience to the customer.


Galerna care the product in order to help the planet to save resources.

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