Tailored collection

Your own tailored collection of Galerna ́s socks, with a personalized design for giving away in your more special moments.


Your own collection in 5 steps:

1- We create the design with you ( icon, colors, sizes)
2- Define the number of units (>= 50 units in 1 or 2 sizes)
3- We make your collection of socks, in 4 weeks.
4- If you want you can Add the Galerna´s packaging.
5- You´ll receive your tailored collection in the Spanish or UK address you select

Price and conditions

1- The design is based on a customizable icon that the client chooses and Galerna implants in each sock: It can be an already created figure or an idea that we can help to design. It can not be images that are under registration protection law.
2- The socks will be ready in 4 weeks from the time the OK is given to the sample shared with the client.
3- Once the form is filled out, we´ll contact you to detail the order and send you and estimate cost.

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Collection ideas and more info: