About us


Who are we?

Galerna LTD, a UK registered company, is a textile company which main activity is design and produce fashion accessories based in high quality and creativity.
 Galerna was founded by 3 Spanish friends who share the same interest and values but at the same time, they have different personalities. They love travelling, enjoying life, working hard and the life challenges.
Having lived in different countries such as USA, Italy, Spain and the UK; and traveled around the world; opened their minds and made them belief in the philosophy of contributing to the society through the creation of something unique and enjoyable at the same time.  
Any questions? Doubts? Don’t hesitate to ask! 


Marta Sierra García

Marta Sierra García

Marta is a designer specialized in storytelling , conceptualization and visualization of complex information.

She has designed the visual identity of Galena and she is always in constant contact with the company to improve Galerna´s visual impact.

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Beatriz García–Bernal de Brizuela

Beatriz Garcia

Beatriz García–Bernal de Brizuela

Bea is illustrator and designer , working with different illustrations techniques and adapting her creativity to the project she is involved.

She has implanted the designs in the Traveler’s collection, adding her fashion experience and trend knowledge.

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Marta López

Marta López

Marta has a degree in Tourism, sector where she depelops her career. Her passion is about seeing the world through a video o photo camera.

She actually manage Galerna´s social netwroks creating a really good content.

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